IGERESS 9 inch Black LCD Writing Tablet Board Electronic Drawing Pad eWriters for Kids and Adults’ Entertainment,Learning and Working

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  • NOVEL TOOL – LCD WRITING TABLET – Environmental-Friendly and Economically because it can save paper and money.
  • COMFORTABLE: Erase your image quickly with the press of a button – and a friendly flash from the liquid crystal display.
  • CONVENIENCE: The case and LCD are made from durable plastic materials; Anytime, anywhere; Safe for school use and all around the house, office and car.
  • LONG LIFETIME: Built in sealed button battery(replaceable), it can work long time with write 50000 times and clean by one button.
  • SAFE and FUN: With Side Edge Erasing Lock to avoid accidentally erased while you writing; super writing pen is made of durable POM material, long lifespan.


Product Description

Overview: As the most professional lcd writing tablet manufacturer, we provide the world’s most comprehensive, best quality and most rugged and beautiful lcd writing board products for all end users worldwide. As a manufacturer directly facing consumers, our prices are extremely competitive, and our services are also the most efficient and high quality. No matter when you purchased our products or when it broke down, we will send you a brand new product for free.

Details: These electronic writing tablets are made by the latest and brightest pressure-sensing technology. They don’t emit light or consume electricity. They only need to consume a little power when clearing the writing. Its frame is made of the latest ABS materials, which are light and thin, easy to carry and non-polluting, and will not harm your health. It can be used as a learning tool for children, as well as a toy for them to learn and graffiti, to fully utilize the children’s imagination, to inspire their creativity, and to increase their fun of learning and entertainment.

Of course, adults can also use it, especially 12.9 inches. Drafting, making records, working, living, teaching essential.

Note: 1. All of our styled lcd drawing boards have lock screen switchs. When you cannot erase it, please make sure the lock screen switch is turned on or off.

2. If the stylus is accidentally lost, please tell us to deliver a new stylus for free.

3. If you feel uncomfortable after using it for a while, or if you accidentally damage it, please let us know. We will give you a full refund or a new product for free.

4. Give our products a chance means give yourself a chance.

writing tablet board pad drawing tablet board pad ewriter LCD writing tablet electronic drawing pad

9-inch four-color normal screen and color screen, 12.9-inch black normal screen

  • Unique embedded frame structure
  • The color of the stylus is the same as the color of the tablet
  • Firmly fix the stylus to prevent loss
  • One lock screen switch on the top
  • The back battery cover can be opened with a coin
  • 12.9-inch large screen is unique in the world
lcd electronic writing drawing graffiti painting tablet board pad ewriter for kids children toy

8.5 inch red-black normal screen, 10 inch blue and pink normal screen and color screen

  • Robotic element design, Beautiful and eye-catching
  • Improved writing pen, different shapes on both ends, you can write different handwritings arbitrarily
  • Firmly fix the stylus to prevent loss
  • Upgraded screen brightness, thickened writing
  • Increased thickness and weight of the writing board, making it more durable
  • The 10-inch screen is just the right size for kids
lcd electronic writing drawing graffiti painting tablet board pad ewriter for kids children toy

Applicable people and scenes

  • Anyone can use it anywhere.
  • For kids, you can use it for mathematical calculations or as a scratch paper, practice writing, or use it for graffiti and drawing.
  • Kids can use it in class, at home, in the car, and during travel.
  • Adults can also use it instead of paper in their lives and at work, especially for large-size screens.
  • People with communication difficulties can use it to communicate with others normally.
lcd electronic writing drawing graffiti painting tablet board pad ewriter for kids children toy

Why choose us?

  • The most professional electronic writing tablet manufacturer in the world.
  • Our lcd writing tablets have the most styles and colors in the world.
  • Because we are the source factory, our manufacturing costs are far lower than other sellers, so our prices are very competitive.
  • Similarly, as a source manufacturer, our after-sales service is also unparalleled.

Additional information

Weight 159 g
Dimensions 22.9 × 14.9 × 1 cm

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