deleyCON 50x M6 Cage Nuts Screw Set for Network Cabinets – Patch Panel Racks Server Casing Housing 19-inch 10-inch Fitting Kit Steel – Black

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  • Category: Network cabinet fitting and mounting hardware // Suitable for network cabinets (size): 19-inch and 10-inch // Material: Steel // Content: 50 pieces // Colour: Black
  • deleyCON cage nuts mounting kit consists of a 50-piece set (M6 screws, cage nuts and washers)
  • Suitable for 483 mm (19“) and 10″ inch components // Suitable for integrated components in racks and cabinets (e.g., patch panels, switches, etc.) // Network cabinets or other cases and housings with similar mounting technology
  • The M6 size is the standard size for network cabinets, server cabinets, wall cabinets, electronics casings, racks, shelves, patch panels, switches, fans and more.
  • Content: 50x M6 cage nuts, 50x washers, M6, 50x M6 20mm Phillips screws // Highlights: Set = 50 pieces, universal screws and cage nuts


deleyCON cage nut set
The deleyCON cage nut fastening kit consists of a set of 50 M6-size screws, cage nuts and washers.

Suitable for 483mm (19″) components and for attaching built-in components to
cabinets (such as patch panels, switches, etc.) to network cabinets or other,
similar housings with comparable fastener technology.

These cage nuts are clamped to the back into the holding rail of the housing,
after which the component to be installed is screwed on from the front.

The M6 size is the standard size for common network cabinets, server cabinets,
wall cases, electronics cases and racks (19″ and 10″ sizes) and, as such,
is universally suitable for attaching shelves, patch panels, switches, fans, and other components.

– 50x M6 cage nuts
– 50x M6 washers
– 50x M6 20mm Phillips screws

– Set = 50 pieces
– Universal screws and cage nuts

Additional information

Weight 358 g
Dimensions 13 × 9.8 × 1.6 cm

Set of 100, Set of 20, Set of 50


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